With video calls you can’t just do your last-minute image check then forget about it, as you might do before walking in to the boardroom or a restaurant.

One click on the email link and there you are, your image staring straight back at you for the duration.

Life online inevitably makes people more self-conscious but video calls especially provide ample opportunity to scrutinise every perceived flaw. Whilst it’s natural to wonder what others might think of us, most often we are our own worst critic.

Negative self-talk is crushing to self-esteem.

Here’s an easy mental exercise based on BWRT techniques to stop that critical inner voice and get a quick confidence boost:


  • Close your eyes and bring into your mind’s eye an image of yourself that is causing your self-esteem to dip. Then zoom right in to the worst part.
  • Imagine taking a screen shot so that the image is absolutely frozen.
  • Zoom out and imagine swiping the screen to replace the frozen image with a picture of you from a time when you felt completely confident. Make it truly vivid.
  • Then imagine yourself jumping into the screen, replaying just how confident you felt, before jumping back out, opening your eyes and getting on with your day.

Any time you need a quick self-esteem fix just imagine swiping the screen and posting the confident image of you.


If your self-esteem is being affected by too many video calls think about taking a break by going off-camera sometimes.

But do consider seeking the help of a therapist if you’re experiencing ‘Zoom Gloom’, where the thought of turning the camera on fills you with dread.



Learn how Claire can help restore your self-esteem when you book a free telephone consultation, today.


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