Dear Claire,

Everyone seems to love this time of you – and good for them – but I simply don’t. I dread it in fact.

I am a grown woman but I literally get so scared of fireworks.

On Fireworks night I literally barricade myself in my house and try to just drown out the noise of the constant ‘bangs’ and explosions outside by turning the TV up loud or taking a sleeping pill.

The thing is, Bonfire Night isn’t just one night anymore, it’s lasts a blasted fortnight!

There’s no escaping from it. I think the reason I don’t like it is because of the noise.

I’m sensitive to noise but it seems every year fireworks seem to get louder and more powerful.

It’s very negative to me, I don’t understand how anyone can find listening to these things pleasurable?

Do you have any suggestions for getting through it all this fireworks season?


Claire says:

LOTS of readers will sympathise with you. A fear of loud sounds is a very specific phobia, known as Phonophobia.

Talking therapies such as CBT and BWRT will help, as can learning relaxation techniques.

However, sudden bangs during fireworks season are enough to unnerve most people.

Such a noise normally alerts us to imminent danger and it’s so quick that we can only reassure ourselves it’s just a firework several seconds later, which is both frightening and frustrating.

The people who like fireworks are the ones watching them.

Their combined senses immediately register there’s no threat so they are able to enjoy the dazzling displays.

You could consider adopting the old adage: ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’.

For example, get a ticket for one or two local events and ignite your own child-like wonderment at the spectacles before you.

It will help to re-train your brain to the sound, plus connecting with people around blazing bonfires can be really uplifting.

Or, you might decide to throw the towel in and escape on a last-minute holiday abroad.

It’s only a British custom, after all.

Failing this, you may have to invest in a pair of professional ear mufflers and batten down the hatches. It’ll soon be over!


Read the original article in the Echo newspaper.

If you would like to discuss how Claire can help you overcome a fear of fireworks please get in touch today.



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