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Gender: Female
Age: 55-60
Presenting problem: Help for Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Treatment modality: BWRT®
Number of sessions: 2

N had been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for twenty years, and wanted help for Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Over time, her anxiety had got worse and developed to the extent that she was now afraid of very many things, including lifts, planes, bridges and tunnels. All of these things conspired to make her afraid of travelling anywhere and, with a family holiday fast approaching, she was on the verge of cancelling and desperate for help.

In discussing when the anxiety had started, N explained that life had been quite carefree until soon after the family moved into their current home, back in the 1990’s. A neighbour had visited one day to welcome them to the village and, whilst talking, had mentioned the tragedy which had befallen the previous owners.

Unknown to N, the old occupants had battled through a troubled and turbulent marriage. Some time after the husband moved out, his wife’s lifeless body had been found in the living room. On discovering this terrible story, N began to obsess that the house was haunted and something dreadful would happen to her.

At the first therapy session, after compiling a list of all the anxiety triggers, we tackled N’s most troubling fear first – that of being trapped – using level 1 BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® to completely alter her emotional response.

N arrived elated for the second appointment; in the intervening week she had been able to go to places she had been avoiding for many years, including enclosed play spaces with her grandchildren. She was, however, still feeling very anxious about the impending family holiday.

One further round of BWRT® later, working on her fear of being away from home, and N animatedly exclaimed that she could no longer feel the old anxiety which had lived deep in the pit of her stomach. As she placed her hand on her abdomen she described the sense of excitement that had replaced the panic, declaring that she couldn’t wait to get going on the upcoming trip.

Before leaving the consulting room, I asked N how she was feeling about the originating event, when she had discovered her house’s horrible history. At the outset, she had rated the anxiety attached to this memory as a 10 out of 10, the worst it could be. But now, as she pondered my question, N remarked that ‘it didn’t feel bad at all’, wrinkling her nose as she struggled to say it was ‘maybe a 1’.

Laughing at the realisation that something which had haunted her for two decades had gone, all the more surprising to N because we had not specifically worked with this issue, she thanked me profusely as she grabbed her bag and skipped out of the consulting room. And that was that.


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