7 Top Tips for Inner Happiness in 2018




⭐️ Lower your expectations of others to make room for your dreams


Precious time and energy is wasted getting angry or feeling resentful when others don’t do what we expect from them.

It’s natural to judge others by your own standards.

But, the minute you lower your expectations, you are free to use all that energy on making your dreams come true.

Plus, it’s always nice when people exceed our expectations.


A real feel-good bonus!




⭐️ Reframe Failure


Lots of people are conditioned to see life in terms of EITHER success OR failure. The thinking goes: if we’re not successful we must be a failure.

Eventually, we learn to fear failure.

If fear is so great that you never get started, it’s time to recognise that failure is learning how not to do something, so you have a greater chance of getting it right, next time.

As Napolen Hill said:


“Most great people have attained their greatest success
just one step beyond their greatest failure”




⭐️ Face Your Fears


Our brain is constantly vigilant to threats from the environment. You can’t stop it and, besides, it’s pretty useful.

New things can be frightening. The unknown is potentially full of danger and your brain wants to keep you safe.

That’s when anxiety kicks in, to steer you away.

Apply due diligence to the pros and cons of a new venture and, once you know it’s fairly safe, ignore anxiety.


Feel the fear but do it anyway




⭐️ Train Your Inner Critic


We all have an inner critic. Sometimes, it can be useful. It might inspire and motivate us.

Other times, it’s a little devil in disguise.

When that critical voice unexpectedly pops into your mind, follow these three steps:


It’s there, now what?


Is it true? Does it have value?


If it’s of no use ditch it and move on




⭐️ Conflict VS Happiness


Eastern philosophy teaches us that we do not have to think of life in terms of EITHER/OR.

Therapists talk in terms of cognitive dissonance when we have conflicting feelings about something.

But, it is entirely possible to hold two different perspectives at the same time.

Tolerance, wisdom and freedom is achieved once we see the world in terms of BOTH/AND instead of EITHER/OR.






⭐️ Direct Your Life Like A Movie Star


Practice this quick two-minute exercise each morning.

If you’re pushed for time you can do it while the alarm is snoozing or you’re in the shower:


  • Create a movie in your mind about whatever you want to achieve that day. 
  • Visualise yourself being successful.
  • See things happening exactly as you want them to.
  • Make your movie FULL-ON technicolour.
  • Add a soundtrack of what you will hear.
  • Let your movie play out to the end of the day.
  • Imagine getting into bed and FEELING REALLY GOOD about what you’ve achieved.



⭐️ Worry Less Dance More


Ok. Life sometimes throws a curve ball. But, you know what? You have all the resources you need to deal with it.

You can decide to worry about what might never happen. Or, you can realise that you WILL know what to do, if it does.

You’ve done it before so you can do it again.

If you find yourself worrying, STOP. Turn on the radio or pop your favourite CD into the player and dance.

Tap your feet, throw some shapes and sing along.


It’s impossible not to feel happier!



If you would like some help to face your fears or achieve your goals in 2018 get in touch, today.



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