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Gender: Male
Age: 35-40
Presenting problem: Help for Low Self Esteem
Treatment modality: BWRT®
Number of sessions: 1

P had been suffering with a lack of confidence for most of his life but had developed a range of coping mechanisms over the years, enabling him to succeed in a highly demanding job.

What P did not realise, until it was apparently too late, is that on those occasions when he thought he was coping well, his wife and children were often fearful of bearing the brunt of his short fuse. Despite repeated requests from his wife to get help, P had dismissed her pleas as unnecessary.

Suddenly, she had declared she was leaving him.

His wife’s shock announcement cleared the way for P to see that he had been burying his head in the sand for most of his life. With his mood at an all-time low, he finally asked for help for low self esteem.

During the consultation P talked about the difficult childhood he had experienced, and how he felt an all-consuming anger at the family he felt had rejected him. He was especially scathing of his mother, whose controlling ways had led her to constantly criticise P, leaving him with a sense of never being good enough which ran right into his very core.

In recent years, P had reduced the amount of contact with his family to the absolute minimum, such was the depth of his animosity, only making the effort at weddings, funerals and the occasional Christmas.

Now, acknowledging that his family was never going to change, P understood that the only thing within his control was changing how he felt about them. However, he was adamant that he could never forgive his mother for some of the things she had said and done.

Whilst forgiveness can be cathartic for some people, it isn’t necessary in order to alter our emotional response to those who have wronged us. Faced with a choice of continuing to suffer a raging anger which manifested in low self-esteem and a short fuse, or reaching an acceptance of that which has gone but cannot be changed so that he could leave it behind, P chose the latter.

Following a specific process which enabled him to do just that, at the end of the session P said he was sorry for his family and their stubborn inability to change, stating how lucky he felt to have the opportunity to take his head out of the sand and change, for the better.

Although there was a long road ahead, and there was no certainty about how things would work out with his wife, P at least felt able to walk on in the knowledge that he had left his past behind, for good.


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