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Well-Being in the Workplace

Support for Staff Mental Health Well-Being and Resilience

In an ordinary year, the UK Health and Safety Executive estimate that 12.8 million working days are lost due to mental health problems such as work-related stress, depression or anxiety.

And it’s a fact that stress, depression or anxiety is more prevalent in public service industries, lke education, health and social care.

This is often due to verbal abuse or confrontations with clients or the general public, and is one of the greatest reasons people report high perceived job stress..

Supporting Public Sector and Frontline Services

As a public service provider, HARP, Southend’s homeless charity, takes the well-being of its staff seriously. With extensive experience of working in frontline services, professional therapist Claire Gaskin supports the workforce at HARP with a two-fold approach to promoting staff well-being, resilience and retention.

All staff are able to access weekly, confidential, 121 sessions, as and when needed. And, within their teams, staff participate in quarterly reflective-practice meetings.

These team sessions include mindfulness and guided meditations – practices known to help reduce the impact of stress on the mind and body – to any staff who wish to take part.

Tales From the Frontline

I have used the wellbeing groups and found them extremely helpful – I feel there is a benefit to the service as a whole to holistically ‘look after’ frontline staff.


I have also used the one to one service – I feel this service is of great benefit to myself and all staff.

I have used the one to one session to cope with Covid anxiety – working on front line I found this extremely useful and have seen the benefits to the service as well as myself.

I have used the one to one sessions as well because I found in some situations in the work place my own trauma was being triggered again working on frontline services – with this particular field crosses over to my historic experiences and I have found the sessions with Claire useful and beneficial in my role to work effectively with the team and residents.

Kay Cohen, HARP frontline, September 2020

I have been lucky enough to have experienced 1 to 1 provision well being sessions that Harp has kindly provided to their employees.


The sessions in my opinion can be very life changing in work practice but also personally beneficial in learning relaxation techniques through guided meditations.

The sessions also taught me that it is ok to feel stressed at times and how to cope with stress levels  more effectively.

The sessions have provided myself with life long skills in working more confidently and effectively.

Heather Goodwin, HARP frontline, September 2020

Without hearing about the ins and outs of what I was going through (i.e. the particular traumas), which is normally very painful…


I was able to feel comfortable and really open myself up to the therapy (which was completely different to anything I had done before) …

I felt the effects were amazing and have been ever since – where I have dealt with things a lot better and am able to go back to the techniques when I have fallen back into old habits, snapping me out of this easily.

Millie West, HARP frontline, September 2020

Staff Well-Being: Nationwide

Supporting Mental Health and Well-being at Work

Every organisation is as unique as the people who make up its staff.

It might be that access to regular therapeutic support is paramount. Or perhaps your team will benefit from quarterly meetings aimed at reducing the impact of stress.

Whatever your needs, support to enhance your staff’s mental health well-being and resilience is tailored to the specifics of your company.

What’s more, because working via Zoom means that location is never an issue, Claire welcomes all enquiries, nationwide.

Discover how Claire can enhance and support the well-being, resilience and retention of your organisation’s workforce when you book a call, today:

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