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Professional therapist Claire Gaskin works with all kinds of anxiety.

Some level of anxiety is normal and protects us from potential danger.

However, some people experience anxiety in response to situations or things that other people do not usually feel anxious about.

If anxiety is affecting YOUR life, and standing in the way of your future success and happiness, it’s time to get help.



Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

GAD is a condition that can cause you to feel anxious about lots of different issues. Symptoms include:

➡️ Heart racing
➡️ Shallow breathing
➡️ Shaking
➡️ Brain fog
➡️ Feeling sick

You might also feel restless, irritable, have difficulty concentrating and sleeping, feel a sense of dread and constantly on edge

Generalised Anxiety Disorder affects around 5% of the UK population and is more common in women and people between the ages of 35-59.



A Wish Come True

We all need a little help sometimes. If anxiety is affecting the quality of your life, NOW is the time to make a change. Kathryn is so glad she did:

Claire is a fantastic therapist! I had been diagnosed with panic disorder… Now I have a social life, I’m looking to undertake voluntary work and I feel much more confident and motivated. I feel happy!


I had been diagnosed with a panic disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

I read about BWRT and thought it sounded like an interesting therapy. I didn’t get my hopes up as I’ve tried many different therapies in the past with no success.

BWRT however, has changed my life!

My intrusive thoughts and compulsions have almost disappeared and I have much more control over my anxiety.

I was stuck in the house carrying out compulsions feeling like I had no hope. Now I have a social life, I’m looking to undertake voluntary work and I feel much more confident and motivated. I feel happy!

One of the things I liked about this therapy is the fact you’re not trying to dig up a root cause to your issues. You don’t even have to share certain thoughts or memories for the therapy to work.

I would strongly recommend BWRT and Claire is a fantastic therapist! She makes you feel confident about the therapy and puts you at ease. I trust her implicitly.

If you are struggling, please look into BWRT and book a consultation with Claire. It will be worth it!


Kathryn, South Wales, April 2019


Look at this great article from 2016 featured in ‘Yours‘ magazine, all about my client, Colleen Ball, who overcame severe panic attacks after just one session of BWRT.


Two years later, Colleen got in touch to say:

I’m very grateful to Claire and her amazing therapy!! Been skiing again this year and many cliff walks so enjoying life very much.


Fast forward another year to March 2019 and Colleen emailed me to say:

“Thought I’d send you confirmation that my BWRT session is still enabling me to enjoy my skiing!!”



“I’m still in the same jacket… but it only gets one week’s wear a year!!”

Don’t Take Our Word For It

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