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Gender: Female
Age: 55-60
Presenting problem: Therapy for Sexual Abuse
Treatment modality: BWRT®
Number of sessions: 2

M is a professional woman who runs her own successful business. During the initial consultation she explained that her father had died a few months ago and she felt absolutely bereft, so much so that she was barely able to function on a daily basis. M also divulged that she was consumed with guilt.

As a child, M had been the victim of sexual abuse. The perpetrator was her Uncle, her father’s brother, but she had kept it a secret – and carried the guilt – for her most of her life. That is, until a family feud erupted shortly before her father’s death and the truth was disclosed. Her father had been devastated at the revelation and M’s guilt was complete.

The combination of grief, trauma and guilt, along with all the things which remained unsaid, had resulted in M feeling ‘stuck’.

Before turning our attention to the events of her childhood, the first working session was devoted to helping M resolve her current grief, using a very specific, immensely powerful, BWRT® protocol. (An approach that can be just as effective when dealing with the loss of a dearly-loved pet).

Moving onto the second session, it was soon evident that M had suppressed the details of the abusive encounters with her Uncle. Despite the fact that she would never have to disclose the details of what happened because BWRT is a content-free therapy, she nevertheless found it very difficult to recall specific memories, even to herself.

Exploring her feelings further, M suddenly exclaimed that all she could think about was the smell of her abuser, an obnoxious odour which had been quite overwhelming, and to which M visibly recoiled at the recollection. Talking this through, and knowing how she would prefer to feel about what had happened to her, we proceeded. However, another obstacle was soon encountered.

Sitting quietly in the chair, M said that she was unable to continue because she felt her father’s presence. A deeply spiritual person, M explained that her father was with her, trying to protect her, preventing her from thinking about the trauma of her abuse. Gentle discussion led to M communicating with her father that it was ok and that what she was doing was going to help her. A few minutes later, M smiled and said that she was ready to go on.

At the outset, M had described the emotions brought about by the remembrance of her abuser’s odour as a ’10 out of 10’ (10 being the worst she could possibly feel). Immediately upon completion of the therapeutic intervention M re-assessed her feelings as a ‘1’, stating that she was no longer able to evoke the smell which had been so upsetting just a few minutes previously. With a look of amazement, M added that she simply did not care anymore.

Although the journey had not always been easy, M was full of gratitude that she had had the courage to seek therapy for sexual abuse. Not only had she been able to finally break free from the trauma and guilt that had been a feature of her entire life, she had managed to replace the old stench, whenever she thought about her Uncle, with the aroma of her Grandmother’s roast dinner – her favourite smell in the world.


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