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Gender: Female
Age: 20-25
Presenting problem: Therapy for Clinical Depression
Treatment modality: BWRT®
Number of sessions: 6

C first made contact looking for therapy for clinical depression. She had a doctor’s diagnosis and had been taking anti-depressants for a couple of years.

A fairly tall woman, at the initial consultation C presented as stooped and rounded of shoulder, with lanky, long hair and a spotty face. She revealed a number of issues, including the anxiety attacks which were troubling her the most. She explained that they had become worse since the recent split with her boyfriend. Even though she knew that the relationship had not been good for her, the sadness over this break-up was exacerbating her depressive mood.

C also disclosed that she felt very guilty following the termination of a pregnancy the previous year.

Before tackling the general depression, we worked to resolve the anxiety attacks she was experiencing, as well as the guilt she was carrying, in the first working session.

At the second appointment, we moved into advanced level BWRT® to begin addressing the underlying problems which were affecting her core identity. C described how she was very self-critical and insecure, and felt completely hollow inside, adding that these depressive feelings had started after an incident of rejection five years ago. She said she spent great amounts of time in her bedroom, dwelling on these thoughts and feelings.

Because of the revelations in this session, the planned work spread over into the third session. By its conclusion we had dealt with another ‘guilty’ secret’, feelings of anger and resentment, and set clear outlines of her ideal self, free from depression.

By session four, C had begun to feel happier and more motivated. She was starting to look at business plans for the future and had actively embarked on a robust plan of dream-building. Since our last session, she had taken her dream car for a test drive and visited the show home where she imagined herself living. She also reported going out with friends and ‘belly laughing’, something she said she hadn’t done for a long time.

At the outset of therapy for clinical depression, C and I had discussed the importance of continuing to take her prescribed medication, and to work closely with her GP to reduce the dosage/stop when the time came. During the fifth appointment, as the end of the therapeutic relationship approached, C expressed a niggling anxiety that she might not be strong enough to cope without her medication in the future. A pretty common worry, we incorporated a guard against this concern into the therapeutic work.

Opening the door to my consulting room at the beginning of the final appointment, a completely different C walked over the threshold – tall and proud in a pair of 6 inch Louboutin stilettos, her long hair expertly tousled and flowing, her face grinning behind a thin veneer of perfectly applied make-up. In discussing the person who had walked through the door that first time, C said that she didn’t recognise her at all, that the image seemed very pale and misty, like looking through a filter; a completely different person; a stranger.

Stating how she now felt excited about the future, it was the new version of C who strutted back out of the consulting room with a wonderful aura of self-confidence enveloping her, ready to build on her business plans and goals of an Audi TT parked outside her dream home.


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Claire Louise Gaskin is an accredited Youth Worker, Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, a founder member of the British BrainWorking Research Society (BBRS), a member of the College of Medicine, Licentiate of the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (APHP), and registered with the DoH approved Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

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