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Gender: Male
Age: 40-45
Presenting problem: Help for Clinical Depression
Treatment modality: BWRT®
Number of sessions: 6

T worked in the construction industry and wanted help for clinical depression, something he felt he had suffered with all his adult life although he had only been formally diagnosed in recent years.

At the consultation he was brutally honest and described hating himself so much that he did not care if he ‘got run over tomorrow’. He explained that his marriage was on the verge of breaking down and he felt sure that his wife was about to leave him. Even if she was a little late home it would be enough to trigger an overwhelming panic that she had gone for good.

T’s depression also manifested in an out-of-control temper and he would often find himself screaming at his wife and young children for the simplest of reasons. He lowered his head as he resignedly said how he had turned into a horrible and vicious person.

Exploring this deep-seated anger and self-loathing, T disclosed that his father had left the family home when T was very young. Attributing his woes to this abandonment, he had been a sad and miserable child, only finding happiness in his twenties with his first serious, long-term, girlfriend.

Married for more than ten years to his current wife, the break-up with his ex-girlfriend remained a source of extreme discomfort for T, who continued to carry the sense that he would never be good enough and that the people he loved always left.

We set to work by first helping T to feel differently about his father’s abandonment and his ex-girlfriend’s rejection, before moving into an advanced therapeutic process which targeted his core sense of self.

T’s goal were pretty straightforward: he wanted only to feel ‘good enough’, to stop being angry, and to get on with life in a reasonable manner.

During the course of therapy to achieve these aims, along the way we also dealt with the emotional responses to the bullying T suffered at school because he was overweight, and the perfectionist approach he had adopted to every challenge in life, in his attempts to control that which he couldn’t.

At the end, T knew there was more work to do to save his marriage. His new-found confidence served to further expose the fragility of his relationship and the cracks therein, a not uncommon outcome. However, knowing that he had at least completed the groundwork to repair himself by getting help for clinical depression, he left the consulting room with a fair degree of optimism and a builder’s nod which said, ‘if the foundation is right, it’ll work out right’.


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