Gender: Female
Age: 50-55
Presenting problem: Help for Blushing
Treatment modality: BWRT®
Number of sessions: 1

The client need help for blushing, complaining of a spontaneous blush-response in certain situations, something which caused her to feel acutely self-conscious and embarrassed when it happened.

During the consultation, the client explained that the most troublesome aspects of the unwanted blushing manifested when she was expected to make ‘small talk’ in a group of people, or whenever her boorish boss asked her a question, which had made her working life miserable.

Discussion revealed that the client had been a shy child and always felt self-conscious about the way she looked. She remembered an Uncle making a comment about how plain she was, which had stuck in her mind. Some years later, as a teenager at a family party, the same Uncle had remarked how she had not turned out so plain, after all. This was said in front of everyone at the party and the client described a burning feeling in her face as the flush of embarrassment swept over her.

Now, as an adult, she felt uncomfortable when in a group of people and would worry about where the conversation was heading. Feeling self-conscious if the conversation turned to her, the client explained that she would begin to feel flustered about what she might say, as she simultaneously felt the heat of the blush begin. At these times, the client would make her excuses and leave. At other times, she would pre-empt the potential blush and avoidance became her coping strategy.

The client explained that a similar response would happen when her boss spoke to her. Describing him as a demanding, humourless person, she said he would bark a question at her and she would immediately blush. Her embarrassment was exacerbated by the knowledge that the redness of her skin was very visible during those moments.

Further exploration revealed that the same Uncle from her childhood had, on another occasion, asked the client to lie about something. The client was unable to recall all the details but could clearly remember she had not wanted to lie, as well as the exact moment she was caught out when confronted by another, angry, adult, to which she had responded with an involuntary blush she felt from head to toe.

Knowing how she would prefer to feel and respond when in a group of people, or confronted by her boss, BWRT was the perfect help for blushing, changing the client’s automatic behaviour-response into one where she felt relaxed in group conversations, and about being asked questions. Importantly, if asked a question to which she did not know the answer, the client wanted to feel comfortable and confident enough to say so.

A couple of weeks later the client reported that, as she had started to trust her body not to blush, so had she stopped excusing herself from group situations. Moreover, she was happier at work: the very next time her boss had asked her a question she had laughed out loud in unashamed delight as she realised she had not blushed, and quickly set about providing her perplexed boss with the information he required.


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Claire Louise Gaskin is a qualified Youth Worker, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, a founder member of the British BrainWorking Research Society (BBRS), a member of the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (APHP), and a member of the College of Medicine.