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Gender: Male
Age: 50-55
Presenting problem: Fear of Public Speaking and a Wedding Speech
Treatment modality: BWRT®
Number of sessions: 1

H is booked in for help to overcome the fear of public-speaking that has plagued him his whole life.

With his daughter’s wedding coming up, he desperately wants to give the ‘father-of-the-bride’ speech at the reception afterwards but is fraught with fear. His daughter knows about his nerves and has said it’s ok, she doesn’t expect him to stand up and talk in front of all the guests. But H has decided enough is enough.

H tells me that when he was a young child he had a speech impediment and underwent speech therapy. He says it helped in some ways but over the years he would still get tongue-tied, usually in the form of stumbling over his words when trying to speak up in school.

As he talks, H becomes upset, recalling how little confidence he had while growing up. There was the time when he had to give a presentation as part of an exam and he was so overwhelmed with fear that he gave up and sat down, before reaching the end.

Then he goes back further, to the day, aged 6, when he joined a group of children at a large, round table, to eat his lunch. The other children had made unkind comments about his stutter and laughed at him. H says he remembers the hurt and humiliation as if it was only yesterday.

As we conclude the therapy session to improve his confidence, H says he’s going to test it by taking a turn in planning and presenting a route to his cycling club the next time they meet – something he has actively avoided until now.

I hear from H two weeks later, when he texts with the news that he succeeded in presenting to his cycling group without a hiccup, adding how much more confident he is feeling about the upcoming wedding.

And so it is that, a month after our session, H finds himself tapping the side of his champagne glass with a knife. He stands to tell the gathered guests how proud he is of his daughter, regaling the room with funny tales of her childhood, before wishing the newly married couple a life of love and happiness.

He finishes his speech and sits down triumphantly, the sound of applause ringing merrily in his ears.


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