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Gender: Female
Age: 20-25
Presenting problem: Anxiety, Exam Stress and Panic Attacks at University
Treatment modality: BWRT®
Number of sessions: 1

V was in the first year of an under-graduate degree course and feeling overwhelmed.

She was very ambitious for the future and set herself high standards in her coursework. Now, with deadlines looming and exams just around the corner, she found that a fluctuating feeling of anxiety had developed into full and frightening panic attacks.

The anxiety, exam stress and panic attacks at University, left V exhausted and troubled. At night, it was increasingly difficult to switch off when she got into bed and she would spend hours tossing and turning. Then, after eventually drifting off, she would find herself awake again in the middle of the night, disturbed by a feeling of anxious dread which made it hard to get back to sleep.

V’s biggest fear was failure, a worry that she wouldn’t get to the end of the course and so be denied her dream career. She had gone to university once before but had been forced to drop out because of family problems. The experience had seriously knocked her self-confidence and belief that she would succeed this time.

In talking it over, V recalled her school days and, in particular, her ‘A’ level exams. She said she had worked hard all year but began to get excruciating headaches as the exams drew near. Her doctor prescribed medication to ease the pain but the tablets made her sick. In the end, she missed some of the exams and was devastated.

Since then, V said she would start to feel anxious and nauseous whenever any kind of deadline was approaching.

Knowing that she would prefer to feel that everything was going to work out ok, and to approach her exams with a feeling of calmness around and within – especially deep inside her stomach – we applied the therapeutic process to change V’s emotional response to this preferred way of being.

And, because she was so focused on applying herself to everything that would help, we had time to complete a technique designed to strengthen her resolve to succeed, before the session end. During this, V was able to imagine fulfilling all the goals on the journey towards achieving her dreams and, most importantly, access the reserves of confidence and self-belief which had been hidden behind anxiety.

By the time she left the consulting room, V knew beyond doubt she would graduate and that the future she wanted was hers to take.


If you are suffering with anxiety, exam stress and panic attacks at University, or school, get in touch, today.

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