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Gender: Male
Age: 55-60
Presenting problem: Help for Alcohol Problems
Treatment modality: BWRT®
Number of sessions: 6

P is a successful businessman in his late 50’s who was suffering under the weight of work-related stress, and self-medicating with alcohol as a coping strategy. His marriage was on the rocks because he was hardly ever at home and, when he did spend time with his wife, it was usually after reaching the bottom of a bottle.

During the consultation, P said he could not continue with the way things were and needed professional help for alcohol problems. Although he had recently been given a clean bill of health, he understood that if he did not gain control over his drinking he would not only lose his wife but also any notions of a long and happy retirement.

Discussion revealed that P’s father had died some years previously but it was clear that he had never truly come to terms with his loss: when speaking of his grief, P’s eyes swelled with tears and his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down quickly in his throat, as he literally choked back his sorrow.

To stand the best chance of achieving his goal of drinking alcohol only on social occasions, we agreed that the first appointment would be given over to helping him resolve this profound grief.

And so it was that, after a session of BWRT®, P immediately commented that he felt as if a huge weight had lifted, that he felt lighter and brighter. Indeed, he was able to talk about his father with a smile on his face as he reminisced, without any hint of tears or hurried swallowing.

Because there was very little P could practically do to reduce the stress he was under without giving up his business entirely, in the next session BWRT® helped him to find a different response to workplace triggers – an indifferent ‘what will be, will be’ attitude –  so that we could move onto advanced level BWRT® to tackle the problematic drinking.

Fully committed to achieving his goals, P’s progress through the four-stage programme was remarkable. Each session he would arrive looking fitter and healthier than the last, and leave with a spring in his step. He had joined a gym, taken up a new hobby with his wife, and gladly given up spending hours in the pub after work.

By the end of therapy, P reported that he was now sleeping soundly and no longer woke in the morning full of guilt, a consequence of the aggressive outbursts his drunkenness of the past would spark. He was proud of the man he had become and felt so good that he was even considering embarking on a charitable project, coaching youngsters in the sport at which he had once been a champion.

Walking tall as he made his way back through the door of the consulting room, P smiled and never looked back.


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