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Professional therapist, Claire Gaskin, will help you change unwanted feelings and behaviours, so that you can achieve greater success and happiness at home, at work and in everyday life.

Now that it has come to an end I can say that I feel that I am a completely different person in a very good way. I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone that is thinking of seeking help“. 

JB; Essex

Professional Hypnotherapist
Read my book of real-life success stories using BWRT and discover how this fast, effective, technique can help you!

☑ Anxiety
☑ Self-Esteem and Confidence
☑ Fears and Phobias
☑ Panic Attacks
☑ Depression
☑ Fear of Death and Dying
☑ Unwanted Habits
☑ Miscellaneous (including abuse, grief, guilt, PTSD and IBS).


In the thirty-two case studies in this book, Claire shows both the width and breadth of her own expertise and the versatile power of this latest of neuroscience-based psychotherapies. She is destined, I believe, to be a leader in the field of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy!

Terence Watts, creator of BWRT®, April 2018


Don’t Take Our Word For It


Hypnotherapy Client
The results are amazing!

This therapy is fantastic for any childhood traumas, phobias, any addiction, and so much more”Read More

Hypnotherapy Client
Therapy for Anxiety and PTSD

Going to see Claire after being involved in a fatal car accident was the best thing I could have done…..Read More

Hypnotherapy Client
BWRT for Panic Attacks

Claire has cured me of an increasing fear of heights that was causing paralysing panic attacks …..Read More

Hypnotherapy and BWRT Case Summaries

The case summaries section shows just some of the many cases Claire has helped with, at her practices in Harley Street, London and Southend-on-Sea, in Essex.

List of Phobias

List of Phobias A Ablutophobia – fear of bathing, washing, or cleaning Acousticophobia – fear of noise – a branch of phonophobia Acrophobia – fear of heights Agoraphobia – fear of open places Agraphobia – fear of sexual abuse Agrizoophobia – fear of wild animals, a...

Therapy for Panic Attacks

BWRT dissolved panic attacks in a single session

Kristina, from Southend in Essex, is a talented musician and fundraising manager, who works for the national mental health charity, MIND.

Her ‘stage fright’ was so bad that she gave up performing because of the panic attacks she experienced before going on stage.

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Claire Louise Gaskin is a qualified Youth Worker, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, a founder member of the British BrainWorking Research Society (BBRS), a member of the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (APHP), and a member of the College of Medicine.